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Make your own walking robot


Build the robot yourself

Make your own Design

Code robot’s movements

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Build the robot yourself

A step-by-step video guide to build your first walking robot? It is fascinating what a few servos, a battery and handful of nuts and bolts can become. Do it yourself!


I really like Stemi Hexapod, this should be a part of every science class.

Mate Rimac,

CEO of Rimac Automobili


Make your own design

Learn 3D modeling, rethink and redesign everything! Unchain your creativity, customize the robot and with 3D printing bring your ideas to life!

Khan flicks

I love everything about it! It is a very unique and well rounded robotic set for STEM education.

Khan Flicks,

Product reviewer / animator


Master coding

Make the mobile app. Program movements. Make it dance. Show its emotions with LEDs and sensors. Control the robot with your voice.

Our online Mentors will guide you

Join the community, share your creations and get inspired by others. Enter the forum and build upon other member’s ideas. Settle with nothing, tweak everything!


Recommended age 12+

150 educational lessons

30-day money back guarantee

Fast shipping around the world

Unique movements controlled with your smartphone

Touch sensors

6 programmable RGB LED lights. Add your own 'cool' factor

Voice control

Enhance your skills



3D modeling

Practice the solving problems skill through STEMI 3D modeling challenges

Mobile app development

Understand the process of developing a mobile application

Microcontroller programming

Expand creativity by programming different robot walks and LEDs light patterns

Creative thinking

Know how to use the environment around you to boost your creative thinking


Skill development

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