A Do-It-Yourself Kit. Multimedia Tutorials. Online Platform. Engaged Community.

A delightful learning experience of creating the amazing Hexapod robot.

We wish you a warm welcome to STEMI!

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Learning by creating

STEMI is a learning experience. Everything starts with a Do-It-Yourself kit inside a box.
Then, multimedia tutorials on an online platform carefully guide you through the process of constructing and programming the robot.

STEMI Hexapod

The first of many future learning projects is creating a STEMI Hexapod, an awesome six-legged robot with lifelike, nature inspired movement, that takes your commands via smartphone.

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Step-By-Step Multimedia Guidance

You are guided by high-quality multimedia tutorials through the journey of creating your Hexapod robot.
Meanwhile, you will learn about 3D modeling, mobile app development, electronics, and mathematics.
And we promise you’ll have fun!

Learning Experience

We at STEMI love Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and want to help the world become more innovative.

“Learning by creating” approach will empower you to master STEM fields, to the point where you can confidently create innovations on your own.

Shifting from technology consumption to creation will imbue you with a sense of accomplishment and immense joy.

STEMI community around the world

All around the world, people are already learning to create their STEMI Hexapods. What about you? :)

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STEMI will cultivate your:


Living in the present moment is the way to be happy all the time.


The ability to see everyone as equal, not discriminating between yourself and others.


Playing lightheartedly, with a beaming smile on your face makes a life worth living.

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