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Transform your classroom into an innovation lab

Industry-based STEAM programs for forward-thinking middle schools and high schools


Hardware and software cloud based ecosystem

Seamless program implementation supported by state of the art online learning management system

Relevant industry technical skills development

Teacher training and support to the school staff whenever you need it

Prepare your students for the 21st century tech industry

We radically reduce the time needed to transfer relevant skills and industry knowledge into educational systems. With our plug and play STEAM solutions, we help schools around the world to transform their classrooms into innovation labs where students can experience hands-on projects emulating real-world practices.

  • Reduce resources wasted on antiquated content and maximize student engagement

  • Overcome budget constraints and help your teachers stay current with industry-based practices

  • Get your school and district recognized with unique, experiential STEAM programs

  • Everything students, teachers, and schools need to be successful: training, classroom tech, curriculum products, and support.

Bio-inspired robotics program

An unrivaled solution to maximize student engagement based on career-connected projects, and experiential learning. Students learn important industry technical skills like 3D modeling, mobile app development, and embedded programming.

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