Introducing STEMI hexapod

A robot you can do on your own at your home

STEMI Hexapod is a Marvel of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Possibly the coolest item you might set your eyes and put hands on. From the way it looks, to the way it moves and sounds – it instantly captures everyone’s attention. A true pinnacle of Innovation.

And you can create one all by yourself. We’ll show you how.


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STEMI has launched interactive workshops in Zagreb

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Women in STEM

Where is the gap? The achievement gap between male and female students in STEM fields is steadily closing, but majority of companies and offices in tech industry are still mostly filled with boys. It is slightly worrying that environments where so many cool things are... read more

Gamification: Let’s play the world

We humans are a strange bunch. We need to have things presented to us in special ways in order to pay attention to them, grasp them and be moved by them. We need those things to make sense in our immediate lives. Otherwise, we tend to either ignore them or even become... read more

Make! : The Curious Rise of Makerspaces

Q&A with Kristian Benić A makerspace is a curious place. It is a place where you hang out with people who like to make things, tinker with things and exchange knowledge about things. It is usually also a place where you can have access to technology too expensive... read more

Flashes of STEMI team work in progress

Find out more about STEMI team, what drives us, and how we will innovate and renew educational experience

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